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Scorched Earth

  1. Blue Skies
  2. Capital Vices
  3. Come To This
  4. Broke Down Truck
  5. Fall For You
  6. Running Out Of Time
  7. Take It Away
  8. Romero
  9. Time Gone
  10. Cool Blue Shoes

Devil Hitchhiker

  1. Underworld
  2. Any Dirty Job There Is
  3. We’re In This Together
  4. Devil Hitchhiker
  5. Dusty Road
  6. Low Down Dirty Shame
  7. You Don’t Mess Around With Jim
  8. mObscene
  9. Southbound Stomp
  10. Redemption
  11. Tragic Event At Weatherby Lake
  12. You Are My Sunshine
  13. Move On
  14. Off the Beaten Path

What happens when you give the Devil a ride? You get 14 tales of deception, failure, love lost, pool hall scuffles, hit men, and other unsuspecting trap doors. His voice is weathered and raw, and his songs, while rooted in traditional blues, stretch into conventional boundaries and incorporate a surreal array of eerie sounds making you wonder what’s around the next dim lit street corner.

Limited Edition includes 24 page booklet with original artwork by Donovan Foote [.com] in a six panel Digipak.

Listen to the full songs here


Whittlin’ The Kindlin’

  1. Rhythmeen
  2. Get Me Outta Here
  3. Killing Floor
  4. Best Of A Bad Situation
  5. Railroad

Conjuring the ghosts of blues legends of John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and modern day guitar slingers Billy Gibbons and Joe Perry, Gary has whittled a collection of blues tunes that have been dragged and drown along the depths of the murky gatorwater. With greasy slide licks a’plenty, Gary and his trusty steel bodied National transport you to the swamplands where the gators are hungry…

Listen to full songs here

Rise Of the Multiforms

  1. Get That
  2. Back Porch Boogie
  3. Throw Knives & Spit Fire
  4. Walk On
  5. Gatorwater
  6. Railroad
  7. Fragile
  8. Best Of A Bad Situation
  9. Wave Goodbye
  10. Midnight Drivin’
  11. Illinois Cowboy

“Gary once told me that the idea of using the word “Multiform” in the title was ‘cause he wanted to pack the thing with a big cross-section of genres, to which I say, “Yes, sir, mission accomplished!” In fact, one of the coolest things about Gary is that there’re so many Garys to choose from. In “Gatorwater”, there’s Gary the swamped-out Cajun rocker, with his pants rolled up to the ankles & his hands cupping a wriggling, freshly-caught crawdad. In “Railroad” & “Best Of A Bad Situation”, there’s Gary the blue-jean’d folk hero, strumming a resophonic guitar while the sun shines on his back porch. In “Wave Goodbye” & “Fragile”, you got Gary the modern balladeer, all romantic gestures & lyrical understatement. Heck, listen to “Get That” or “Midnight Drivin’” & you can even hear Gary the hard rock cyberpunk, sunglasses & strobes lights on, brutal riffs & industrial beats spinning out all crazy like chrome Dayton rims. These are just some of the Garys on “Rise Of The Multiforms”. Collect them all!”–Dan Jeremy Brooks, Apocalypse Cow Recording

All Artwork by Donovan Foote